Donantes Actuales Del Fondo Anual

Apreciamos tu continuo apoyo anual. Gracias a donantes generosos como tú, podemos ofrecer oportunidades increíbles a la comunidad de Austin por medio de nuestros fondos Long Reach for the Arts y Redd Carpet. Esperamos verte en el Long Center muy pronto. Ahí es donde perteneces.


ESTRELLA – $25,000+

Carolyn and Marc Seriff ✦╋★
Eva and Marvin Womack ✦╋

ORQUESTA – $10,000 – $24,999

Craig Hester ✦╋★
Jeri DeAngelis ✦╋
Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long ✦╋
Kathy and Randy Taylor ✦╋

MEZZANINE – $5,000 – $9,999

Lynn and Steve Davis ✦╋★
Martha and Cliff Ernst ✦╋★
Dr. and Mrs. Evans ✦╋★
Jamie Grant and Christine Bird
George Hebel ╋★
Wendi and Brian Kushner ✦╋★
Patsy and Jack Martin ✦╋
Mary Scott Nabers ✦╋★
Jeanette Nassour ✦╋
Sharon Watkins ✦╋
Suzanne and Marc Winkelman ✦╋
Anjuli and Douglas Winker

GALERÍA– $2,500 – $4,999

In memory of Stepheni and
Jack Crawford ╋★
Patricia and Mark Curry ╋★
Jan and Paul Diehl ✦╋★
Marilyn T. Gaddis, PhD and
George Carruthers ✦╋★
Toya Cirica Cook Haley ✦╋
Don and Georgia Henrich ✦╋
Mary Ann and Andrew Heller ✦╋★
Sarah and Paul Kim
Libby and Bruce Malone ✦╋
Cindy M. Matula and Fernando A. Sotelo ✦╋
Dr. William and Flora McCormick ✦╋
Michael K. Molloy and Carol Anderson ✦╋
Sachem Inc.
Sharon Schweitzer and John Robinson ✦╋
Kimberly and Jim Taylor
Kathleen Steele and Jeff Trigger ✦╋
Alex Winkelman

PREMIUM – $1,000 – $2,499

Debbie Alexander, CPA
Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Allbright ╋★
Robert Edwin Anderson ✦╋★
Lyn and Larry Chasteen ✦╋
James Armstrong and Larry Connelly ✦╋
Bain Consulting
Linda Ball and Forrest Preece ✦
Kay and Jim Baker ╋
Melanie and Ben Barnes ✦
Stacey and Chip Becker ✦╋
The Ben Bentzin Family ✦
Paul Beutel ✦╋
Susan J. Pryor and Richard E. Boner ✦╋★
Carmel and Thomas Borders ✦╋
Russell Bridges and Ralph Salinas ✦╋
Marvin and Leslie Brittman of the Brittman
Legacy Fund ╋★
Wes Brockhoeft ╋
Amelia Bullock and Bill Krumpack
Edna and George Butts ✦╋
LR Carchedi ╋
Mr. and Mrs. Cho ╋
Jo Anne Christian ✦╋★
Jeannette Cook ✦╋
Martha and Richard Coons ✦╋
Barbara and Dwayne Cooper ✦╋
Christine and Mike Cramer ✦╋
Mr. and Mrs. Moton H. Crockett, Jr. ✦╋★
John Currier ╋
Jose and Marcela Delgado ╋
Karen DeLong ╋&#9733
Kath and Doug Demptser
Carolyn and Brian DeRoeck ✦╋
Susan and Claude Ducloux ✦╋
Larry L. Earvin ╋
Mike and Marcia Fisher
Karen Frost ╋★
Carolyn Lewis Gallagher ✦╋
Ryan Girton ╋★
Rose Marie and Randy Hagman
Martha and James Harlow ✦╋
Sally Hawkins ✦╋
Debbie and Lamar Johnson ✦╋
Mr. Albert Taub and Mrs. Lonnie
Karotkin-Taub ╋★
Shepard Walton King Insurance Group ╋
Cindy and Greg Kozmetsky ✦╋
Patti Labelle-Dukett ╋
Mrs. Sue and Dr. Larry Lewellyn ╋★
Jenny and Luis Lidsky ╋★
Margery and Mack Lindsey
Angela Manzo ╋★
Julia Marsden ✦╋★
Jennene and K. Ray Mashburn ✦
Maxwell Locke & Ritter LLP ✦╋
Jacqueline Towns McCall Foundation ╋
JoAnne Midwikis
Bonnie K. Mills ✦╋★
Amy Wong Mok and Aloysius Mok ✦╋
Emily Moreland ✦╋
Kilyong and Paul Natho ✦╋★
Karen Neely
Beverly and Gary Newsom ✦╋★
Monica Peraza, MexNet Alliance and
Hispanic Alliance for the Performing Arts ╋
Aaron Percy
Sam R. Perry ✦╋
Liz Phelan ╋★
Linda and James Prentice ✦╋
Donald Reese ╋
Ernest Reyes and Matt Petrone ╋
Sheri and Jamie Rhodes
Janet and Max Rice ✦╋
LTC and Mrs. Gerald V. Risovi ╋
Erica Saenz
The Robert Cratchit Fund ╋
Dr. Eugene and Diane Schoch
Jerry and Quata Schoolar ╋
Peter Schram, Jr. and Harry Ullmann ✦╋★
Judy and David L. Schultz ╋★
Tom Sellers ✦╋
John K. Shaw ╋★
Katharine and Gregory Shields ✦╋
Jare and Jim Smith ✦╋★
Wade Valdez and Barry Smith ╋
Donna Snyder ╋
The Solis Family
Kathleen Soto ╋★
Carol and Scott Stine ╋
Carolyn Hyde, M.D. and Tobi Taub ╋★
Kathy and Daryl Swarts
Donna and Darryl Tocker ╋
Elizabeth Christian and Bruce Todd ✦╋
BJ and Rusty Turley
Timothy and Jo Welter ╋★
Glena and Ronnie Yates ╋★

SUSTENTADOR – $500 – $999

Brad Adams ╋
Diana and David Anderson
Thomas and Paula Barbour ✦╋
Charlotte and Gerald Barton
John Borota ╋
Jan and Jim Browning ╋
Dan Burdett ╋
Laurel A. Butler ╋
Renee Caldwell ╋
Patti and Todd Clayton ✦╋
Martha and Richard Coons ✦╋
Nancy Davis ╋
Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Flawn ✦╋
Helen and Lawrence Foster ╋
Jalaane and Daniel Garza ╋
Quen and Jesus Garza ✦╋
Susan and Jerry Gatlin ╋
Ann Griffith Ash ✦╋
Steven Hagey ╋
Donna Hiddemen
Suzanne and James Hoeffner ╋
Hopi Farms and Minerals ╋
William Horabin ╋
Jennifer Houlihan ╋
Mr. and Mrs. Brockett Hudson
Douglas Hunter ╋
I Live Here I Give Here ╋
Joanne Cicala Inscore
Jacqueline M. Johnson ╋★
Rev. Robert J. Karli ✦╋
Susie and Charlie Keiser
Helmut and Silvia Kurth ╋
Amelia Larkin
John Loftis ╋
Jennifer Loveland
Susan and Craig Lubin ✦
Jane and Dan Matheson ✦╋
Otha and Thomas McClinton
Linda McDavitt
Tameika and Joey McNaughten ╋
Lynette Morrison ╋
Karen Neely
Meri and Don Nelson
Kacy and Scott O’Hare
Dick Orton
Steven Pavitt
Marilyn Davis Rabkin
Kit Randall
Christine and Hugh Reed
Pamela and Scott Reichardt ✦╋
Rivers Krueger Audiology
Jeanine and Dan Roadhouse ╋
Becky and Jeff Robinson ✦╋
Robert Ruff ╋
Robert Russell ╋
Helen and Irwin Salmanson ╋★
Frances and Peter Schenkklan ✦╋
Sarah and Bernard Schiff ✦╋★
Rachel Schuler ╋
Michael Scully and Doreen Lorenzo ╋
Donna Snyder ╋
Charles Stuart ╋
Drs. Roseann M. Mandziuk and James D.
Studer ✦╋★
Mary and Rusty Tally ✦╋
Jim Taylor ╋
Trisa Thompson ✦╋
Don Trapp ╋
Saundra and Mark Truett ╋
Cindy and Gary Valdez ╋
Mary Walcutt
Leslie and Don Ward
Geri Anne Webster ╋★
Mary Anne Wilkinson and Bill Samelson ✦╋★
Robert Wilson
Rose Betty and Allan Williams ╋
Lucia and Paul Woodruff ✦ ╋
Zachary M. Woten ╋
Glena and Ronnie Yates
Annie and Brian Zucker

MIEMBRO – $125 – $499

Carol and Marvin Abzug
Collin Acock ╋
John and Patricia Adams ╋
Barbara Alford and William Howard ✦╋
A Great Indoors
Debbie Alexander CPA & Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC ✦
Carla Robinson Allen ✦╋
Pat Armstrong
Mary Anderson ╋
Eric Andruscavage ╋
Anonymous (10)
Arbor Dental Associates
Pat Armstrong ╋
Reed Arnos ╋
David Baczewski
Ellen and Paul Bailey ✦
Bailey Elliott Construction
Rebecca Bales
Carol and Sam Barclay ✦╋
Barron, Newburger and Sinsley, PLLC
Mr. and Mrs. Gladys and Leonard Baumel ╋
Sheila and Dan Beckett ✦
Randy Begel ╋
Barry and Sherry Bell ╋
Joe Helen Belle ✦╋
Elliot Berger ╋
Sheila Q. Berry ╋
Scott Bianchi ╋
Rebecca Birdwell ╋
Ashley Biggerstaff ✦╋
Christine and Charles Bloemsma ╋
Karen and Robert Bluethman
Jackson and Sandra Bosley ✦╋
Ellen and Steven Bowman ╋
Lee Boyd
Russell Boyd ╋
Jeanette Bradfield ╋
Gayle Braecklein ╋
Scott Braudt ╋
Jeff Breitenstein ╋
Teresa Brod
Albert Brown ╋★
Dr. Billye J. Brown ╋
Pamela Brown
Peggy G. Brynner
Celeste A. Bryand ╋★
Kyle Bryson ✦╋★
Kay L. Bulgerin ╋
John H. Burttschell ✦╋
Darlene and Daniel Byrne ✦╋
Captain Marcus Byrne
Mr. and Mrs. Stayton Calhoun ╋
Gayle and Charlie Cannon
Jamie and Albert Cantara ╋
Nancy Capezzuti
Eric Cardona ╋
Barbara and Jerry Carlson ✦╋
Ellen H. Carrie ╋★
Joseph Carroll
Marianne Caroll
Lise Carter ✦╋
Craig Carver ╋
Deborah Casati ╋★
David Case ╋
Lynda and Jim Chapman ╋★
Janet Christie
Tara and Joe Christie ✦╋
Cipione Family Foundation ★
Michael Clark
Sally N. Clark-Raphael ✦╋
Melissa Clute ★
Cypress Ridge at Rough Hollow
Samantha Collins
Verla Cook ╋ ╋★
Ria Corbett
Jana L. Cossairt ✦╋
Barbara Cromwell ╋★
Nancy Sue Crow ╋
Berry Crowley ╋
Jen Crowley
Lt. Col Louise N Crowley ✦╋
Joshua A Cummins
Cynthia Cunningham
Laurie Curra ╋
Chris and Donya Dahmann ╋
Julia Davidson-Englert ╋
Mario and Marianne Davila ╋★
C. Morris Davis III and Paul Rogers
Marion Wier DeFord ✦╋
Paul and Lisa Delacruz ╋
Dr. and Mrs. Delco ✦╋★
Julie Delgado ╋
Lisa and David Derby
Deborah and Brian Desormeaux ╋
Charles Dickey
Julia Diggs
Rudolph DiSanto ╋★
Kiran A. Dix ╋
Doidge Family
Ann and James Downing
Louis Dubuque ✦╋
Kris Dudley ╋
Priscilla Dunn
Sam and Valerie Dunnam ✦╋
Melissa Eddy and Tracy Schiemenz ✦╋
Constable Bruce Elfant and Lisa J. Harris ✦╋★
Pam Elkins
Amanda and Kevin Eisner
Rex and Constance Esau ╋
The Estabrook Family ╋★
Dr. William and Patricia Evans Ͼ╋
Joy Evans ╋★
Carol Faget, M.D.
Feather and Furr Animal Hospital
Yvonne Ferris and John Curts ╋
Marcia Fife ╋
Patrick and Laurie Fitzgerald ╋
Nancy and David Fossmeyer ✦╋
Deborah Fountain ╋
Leslie Fowler and Michael Hackerott
Hazel Frandsen ╋★
Cathy and Richard Fraser
Jennifer Frey ╋★
Kim Garcia
Letitia A. Garcia ✦╋★
Raul Garcia ╋★
Tom and Rene Garner ╋★
Annette Gester ╋
Shannon Gillenwater ╋★
Dr. and Mrs. James Gilliam
The Gold Family
Bill Glover and Robin Ritter ╋
Robyn Goodson ╋
Kaushal Goradia ╋★
Linda Gorzycki ╋★
Mr. and Mrs. Lino Graglia ✦╋
Joanne Turley Gray ╋
Diane G. Gregg
Bob Gregory
Kay and Russell Gregory ✦╋★
Penny and Tom Griffy ✦╋
Joanne Guariglia ╋
Annabel Guevara ╋
Ron and Ann Guinn ✦╋
Kathleen and Harvey Guion ✦╋
Ann and Kurt Halead
Sara A. Hamill ╋
Anthony “Brooks” Hamilton ╋
Paul and Lisa Hamilton
Nan and Loyd Hampton ✦╋
Martha and Dave Harrington ✦
Henri D. Harris ╋
Kent and Luan Haynes
Susan Henricks ✦
George F. Henry ╋★
Travis Henry ╋
The Heras Family ╋
Carol and Harlan Hess ╋
Geneive and Glenn Hirsch
Rachel Hoffman/Lee Properties
Ann and David Honeycutt ╋
Joshua Hood ╋★
Christie Horne ╋★
Jo Ann Jay Howard ✦╋
Pinna L Indorf ✦╋
Gordon and Joanne Inscore ╋
Lt. Gen. Arlen D. and Mrs. Jameson
Robert Janca ╋
Karen M. Jantsch ╋
Karen and Kenneth Jeffires
Tony and Floyd Jilek-Guidry
Drexel Johnson – Telephone Concepts Inc. ╋
Carol Kay Johnson ╋
Diane Johnson – Keller Williams Realtor ╋
Anita Olga Jones
Joyce and Eric Jones ╋
In Memory of David Kendall
Linda Rae Kent
Edward King
Lalitha Krishnan
Edythe Kruger ✦
Susie and Morton Krumholz ✦
Stephen and Ann Laubach ✦╋
Gary Lazarus ╋★
The Leler Family ╋★
Cynthia and Sanford Levinson ╋
Karen Loke ★
Jackie and Bill Longino ★
Alfredo D. Lopez ╋★
Kelli Lopez
Anna M. Lozano ╋★
Carol and Ken Luehamn
Victoria Lynden ╋
Chris and Jan Mabley ╋★
Ren and Flo MacNary ✦╋
Phillipp Maersch ╋
Richard Maier ╋
Denise Marks ╋
Milt and Kathy Martin
Shirley Martin and Bidier Bardon ✦
Pamela Mathison
Keith Matthews ╋
Ronald and Marlene Massa ╋
Harvey Mayton ✦╋
Martha McAllister ✦╋
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley D McCalla ✦╋
Otha and Thomas McClinton
Sara McCuistion ╋
John and Suzanne McFarlane ✦╋
Bill McGrath ╋
Victoria McIntyre ╋
Alexandra and Thomas McKeone ╋
Buck McKinney ╋
Connie McMillan ╋
Debra and Michael McQueen ╋
Marc Miller
Malcolm Milburn ╋
Sandra Miller ╋✦
Patricia Moore ╋
Eliza Morehand
Margie and Jack Murray
Matt Musial ╋
Edna Nation ✦╋
Glenn Neal ╋
Tiffany Neece
Meri Nelson ╋
Carolyn Nicewarner ╋★
Mr. and Mrs. A.G. Bud Nichols ╋
Jessica Niemiec and Josh Tomfohr ✦╋
Karen Ann Norris ╋
Carolyn Nuessen
Jeanne A. O’Brien ✦╋★
Jeanie and Bill O’Connell ★
Flo Olivier ✦╋
Ruth Ortiz and Philip Warner
Brad and Sally Osgood ╋★
Christa and R.K. Pandey
Tazuko and Charles Parker ✦╋
Jane and Howard Parker ✦╋
Jennifer and Joe Parker ╋
Candace and Michael Partridge ✦╋★
Mary Ann Patterson ✦╋★
Nancy Pfluger Payne ✦╋
Carlisle Pearson ✦╋
Janet and John John Pechmann
Marie and Robert Peterek
Pat Peterson ╋★
Robert A Pilgrim ╋
The Pineiro Family
Ester Porter ★
Lynn and Brian Powell ✦╋★
Carole and Kerry Price ╋
Wayne Pulliam
Stephen and Lisa Quay ✦
Edmund Rader
Michael and Diana Rafferty
Joe Ramos ★
Fran and George Ramsey ✦╋
Erin and Tim Ratliff ╋★
Carolyn Osborn Raup
Tracy Rawl
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Ream ✦╋
Harvey Reiter
Charles N. Renneker
Fridge and Resendez, LLC
The Rettbergs ╋
Heath Riddles
Karin Richeson and Kevin English
Kelley and Bruce Riggs
Mickey Ristroph ╋
The Rivers’ Family
Art Roberts
Bryan and Susan Roberts ╋
Margaret and Sam Roberts ╋
Susan Frentz and Alan Robinson ╋★
Valerie Rogers ╋
David and Mary Rogerson ╋★
Adrian A. Romo ╋
Lucy Ross ╋
Patty and Joe Rotunda
Ana and Alejandro Ruelas
Rich Russakoff ╋★
Chuck and Judy Russell ╋
Philip Ryals ╋
Beatrice Sagel ╋★
Anna Salguero ╋★
Fela Jean Salinas ╋★
Jack Sanders ╋
Charlie Saunders
Nancy Scanlan ★
Rosita Guzman Sayer ╋
Mark A. Schaffer ╋
Stacey Faulk Scheffler
William Schleuse and Virginia McDermott ✦╋
Susan Dell and Robert M Schmidt ✦
Jake Schneider ╋
Rose L. Schneier
Marilyn and Babe Schwartz ╋
Sophia Schulze ╋
Roger and Ann Seyler
William Shaffer ╋
Howard and Marla Shane ╋
Mike Shea
Ken Shephardson ╋
Mary Shelton ╋
Amy Shipherd ╋★
Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Grace Silcott ╋
Louise Simpson ╋
Marcia Sliger
Dr. Byron Smith and Irene Smith ✦╋
Chuck Smith
Joan and Delbert Smith ╋
Wayne Smith ╋★
Karen Sonleitner ╋
Helen Spear ╋
Dale and Stephen Sonnenberg ✦╋
Nancy Sosa ╋★
Helen St. Martin ✦╋
Marsha Staats ╋★
Dianne Stevenson ╋
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stinus
Donya Stockton ╋
Cathy and Peter Stow ╋★
Sally and John Strickland ╋
Beverly and Eldon Sutton ✦╋
Sandra Sykora and Steve Ross ✦
Javier Tam ✦╋
Latifah and Harun Taormina ✦╋
Bernadette E. Tasher ✦╋
Rebecca Thompson ╋
Steven Timmerman
Bryan Tindall ╋★
Steve Tittle
Dan and Linda Tonissen ✦╋
Ben Thomas and Susette DeRosia
Mary Thornton
A. Touchet-Turpin, RN ✦╋★
Katie Tovo and Tom Hurt ╋
Robert and Brenda Tranchon ╋
Shirley and Richard Tucker ★
Amanda Turley
Richard and Mary Urbanowski ✦╋
Eileen Vanderlee ✦╋
Frank Van Horn ╋
Jordan Vexler and Juan Carlos Fierro ╋★
Bobby Walden ╋
Eliza and Clyde Walls ╋★
Andy and Becky Weary ╋★
Geri Anne Webster
Sandy Wilder ╋
Linda and Mark Williams
Gethrel A. Williams ╋
Homer and Mary Williams ✦
Ann and Eric Wilson ✦╋
Sonny Win ╋★
Elizabeth Wiley ✦╋
Patty Wood
Glena and Ronnie Yates
Julie and Tom Yee
Victoria and Vic Yones
Mary Frances Zeitler ✦╋
Women’s Leadership Council
Kay Andrews ✦
Edna Ramon Butts, AISD ✦╋
Edwina Carrington ✦
Jeannette S. Cook ✦╋
Christine Cramer ✦╋
Carolyn Hyde, M.D. & Tobi Taub ╋
Debbie Johnson ✦╋
Lonnie Karotkin-Taub ╋
Libby Malone ✦╋
Beverly Newsom ✦╋
Sarah Stasney-Chun ✦
Sabrina L. Streusand ╋
Liz Wiley
Carol A. Wood ╋
Meg Youngblood
Corporate Sponsors
3M ✦╋
Austin American-Statesman
Austin Energy ╋
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas ✦╋
Capital One ✦
El Alma Café ✦
El Arroyo
Entera + Partners
Freescale Semiconductor Inc. ✦╋
H-E-B ✦╋
Luther King Capital Management ✦╋
Hyatt Regency Austin
L Style G Style
The Pepsi Bottle Group ✦╋
Performing Arts Programs, Inc.
PS Landscaping ╋
Rivers Krueger Audiology
Shepard Walton King Insurance Group ╋
SNB Bank of Austin
South Texas Money Management, Ltd. ╋
Steinway Piano Gallery
Texas Gas Service ✦
Twin Liquors ✦
Wells Fargo ✦╋
YNN/Time Warner Cable ✦╋
Zax Pints & Plates ✦╋